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Report Ending January 19th

The following legislative report is made available to members of the AL-MS Section AWWA as a member benefit and is made possible by the Section's membership in the Alabama Water and Wastewater Institute:

In floor action this week, the House passed several bills aimed at veterans and honored Medal of Honor winners. HB 88, to provide a preference for vendors owned by veterans in the competitive bid law, was one of the bills the House passed.  The Senate worked through the sunset bills that are required to keep certain boards running each year.  The Senate also passed a bill to track racial profiling by police and a bill to eliminate marriage licenses and instead accept affidavits from couples.


Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Legislation – HB 35, by Rep. Danny Crawford, received a favorable report from the House Ways & Means General Fund Committee this week.  The bill is now in a position to be considered on the floor of the House. If any of you have members on the Rules Committee (listed below), please contact them and ask them to get this on a special order calendar as soon as possible.


House Rules Committee:  

Jones, Mike (Chair)

                Johnson, Ron (Vice Chair)

                Buskey, James E (Ranking Minority Member)

                Beech, Elaine

                Boyd, Barbara

                Daniels, Anthony

                Davis, Randy

                Gaston, Victor

                Ledbetter, Nathaniel

                Lee, Paul W

                Martin, Jimmy

                Rowe, Connie C.

                Standridge, David

                Warren, Pebblin W

                Wood, Randy


Fluoridation Bills – Companion bills were introduced this week (SB 180 by Sen. Bussman & HB 224 by Rep. South) to require a public water system to notify the State Health Officer before initiating “any permanent change in the fluoridation status of its water supply, including, but not limited to, discontinuing the fluoridation of the water supply or reducing the level of fluoride from an optimal level as defined by the CDC.”  Notification would not be required for temporary changes arising from equipment failure or maintenance, chemical supply shortages, or other unavoidable circumstances.  Since the bills are identical, I have attached SB 180 only for your review.  I would appreciate any feedback you can provide on this legislation.


Other Legislation


HB 183, by Rep. Hanes to prohibit the application of biosolids in Jackson County, came out of committee in the House this week.  We are continuing to work with a number of other groups to oppose this bill.




Stephanie Norrell

McMillan & Associates