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Report Ending March 30th

After a contentious week, in an otherwise mostly peaceful session, the Alabama Legislature adjourned for the session Thursday.  The final days saw some heated debate over issues like racial profiling, deer baiting and exempting certain economic developers from registering as lobbyists.  Wednesday, the House and Senate took turns passing bills and then recessing. It was an unusual way to conduct business, but it was considered necessary to make sure each chamber was holding up their end of the bargain.  Originally the plan was to finish the session on Wednesday, but the heated debate that day caused members to adjourn that night and come back Thursday morning to finish up a few last issues.  Although members stayed one day longer than originally planned, they did stick to the original goal of finishing early and left after using only 26 (of a possible 30) legislative days. 
The $6.6 billion Education budget was given final approval Thursday morning and was sent to the Governor.  It is the second largest education budget in state history and the largest since the recession.
There are a number of articles this morning that recap the session, and I have attached links to a few of those below.
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‘House vs. Senate’ politics blamed for death of some bills in last days of session (Times Daily)
Sales Tax Exemption Certificate Legislation – HB 35 has been signed into law and is act number 2018-234.  As a reminder, the legislation will be operative for contracts on or after January 1, 2019.  After that time any public water or sewer authority, district, system, or board, which is otherwise sales and use tax exempt, would be eligible to receive a certificate of exemption for each tax exempt project.  Thanks to everyone who assisted with getting this bill passed.
Grease Trap Bill – SB 258 has been signed by the Governor.  It is now act number 2018-268
Biosolids Bill – HB 183 did not pass.
Fluoridation Bill – SB 180 is pending the Governor’s approval.  The bill requires a public water system to notify the State Health Officer before initiating any permanent change in the fluoridation status of its water supply.
Data Breach Bill – SB 318 is enacted.  The legislation requires notification in the event of a data security breach and requires certain procedures in the event of a data breach by a covered entity, which includes a government entity. 
Ethics Law Changes –SB 267 is pending the Governor’s approval.  The bill makes changes to the ethics law for minor violations. 
Water Management Act – HB 416 did not pass.