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Treatment Plant of the Year

Water Treatment Plant of the Year Award 2020 Requirements



The Awards Committee is charged with the selection of one treatment plant from Alabama AND one from Mississippi whose outstanding performance during the preceding year merits special recognition by the Section. Recipients of the award will have demonstrated proficiency in providing exceptional quality drinking water to its customers, through the practices of utilizing efficient O&M procedures; use of labor, materials, equipment; personnel training programs; and innovative methods to maintain or improve the overall condition of the plant to minimize health hazards.



In order for your Utility to qualify for the Water Treatment Plant of the Year Award, it must meet the following minimum requirements:

         The Utility OR an employee of the utility must be a member in good standing with the AL/MS Section of AWWA.

         The Utility must be in compliance with all regulatory agencies.

o    points will be deducted for water quality violations.



The Committee will receive applications until February 28, 2020. The ENTIRE application cannot exceed 10 pages otherwise penalty points will be deducted.  Following the application deadline, the Committee may evaluate each applicant through requests for additional information and/or an evaluation of the plant by way of a site visit. The Committee shall make their own selection, using their best judgment of the nominated plant, based on additional information requested and/or the evaluation completed while visiting the plant. The award shall be presented at the 2019 Alabama Mississippi Water Joint Annual Conference.



Treatment Plant Evaluation Criteria

Treatment Plants will be graded on the criteria below. Site visits may be required for obtaining portions of the criteria listed below. Please remit the following information in essay form or a brief description for consideration. Pictures may be attached as deemed necessary. Additional pages may be added to the application as needed.  However, the ENTIRE application cannot exceed 10 pages otherwise penalty points will be deducted.

         Performance Measures (including, but not limited to, overall water quality; optimization and improvements implemented; O&M activities; energy efficiency; NOVs recorded; conformance to regulatory/permit requirements) 

         Operational Recordkeeping / Regulatory Compliance

         Facility Maintenance Program

         Operator Training Program

         Safety Program / Safety Guidelines

         Plants Instrumentation and Calibration

         Facility Appearance

         List of Milestones or Accomplishments in the past year


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